Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Workshop with Sara Sally LaGrand

Last Friday I got to escape to the torch for a full day at a workshop with Sara Sally LaGrand. The topic was silver glass reactions, which those of you who follow my tribulations with that glass understand to be of particular interest to me.

I couldn't resist bringing home a couple of Sara Sally's corsage brooches. This white one, named Tilda after the wicked white witch from Narnia, seemed so nest-like to me somehow that I couldn't resist adding it to my bird themed collection. Probably it's the wispy real feathers peaking out or the spotted glass feathers that brings that feel to me. This one is quite large, hand-size, so I don't think I'll likely wear it, but simply nestle it alongside other pieces from my collection.

Glenda, the good witch from Oz, on the other hand, is small and quite wearable. I loved the complementary orange and violet color palette. And that dashing little orange feather has just the perfect in'souciance.

As for the silver glass, as I was coming to suspect, the upshot seems to be that my mini-CC torch runs much hotter than a Minor, and thus I wind up overheating the glass far too often. Better results were had when I worked much cooler, but even then it was hard to get a good encasement on a large bead without pushing the glass to mud. More time to move glass slowly is needed.

I wish I'd been able to squeeze into her two-day corsage class, since these look so fun to make. I just have to be grateful to have found an opening in the reactions class.

Meanwhile the flu drags me down, so I have yet to complete my Ring a Week #6. Cough, cough...