Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ring a Week 10 and 11/52 -- Metal Clay Strap Band RIngs

This week I made two rings to make up for one of the weeks I missed due to being away. After prowling through my sketchbooks for new ideas (why haven't I drawn anything in there lately??), I decided to try a new strap band ring design. The band was fired flat, then drilled and attached to the top with beaded rivets.

I'm not crazy about this strap band design. The rings feel too flat and dimensionless to me. The strap band attaching at the edges makes the ring shank less than round. I did like the ring face designs, so I think I'll try to do the shank differently with a similar top. Even as I write this, modifications are popping into my head. Next week's ring is coming right along (maybe I'll even be on time).