Monday, April 11, 2011

Glass Bird Vessels Revisited

In anticipation of attending the ISGB Gathering this summer in Louisville, I'm thinking about what I might offer for sale at my half-table during the Bead Bazaar to offset expenses. Last weekend when I was at the torch, I decided to see if I could construct a bird vessel, a task I haven't attempted in probably two years.

I admit to cracking the top once and healing it, which was always a problem with these large pieces that take a lot of time. The hollow blowpipe sucks heat away from the glass, meaning a constant bathing of that area to keep from over cooling. My wings aren't as well-defined as I would like, but I take the fact that I could get this close on the first try as a very good sign. I'm not clear about the reason for the devititrification on the body, but actually wondering if I added in some silver glass by mistake from the mess on my bench.

Now to try some electroforming again. It's embarrassing to admit that my equipment is still packed and unused for almost a year.