Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bird a Week #15 - Soar

It's interesting how the second journal that I began to have artistic busywork while visiting my parents is now coming to a close. I have just a few more pages, in various levels of completion. This seems to coincide with the removal of my need to travel repeatedly to visit them.

My father closed the sale of his house this week, 13 months after my mother's death, and moved to Texas. Over the weekend, Keenan and I flew up to Bartlesville, Oklahoma for one last round, to pack and supervise loading the moving van. After various bobbles and bloopers regarding paperwork for a new senior apartment, movers who didn't work out and had to be replaced at the last minute, and a scramble to get to Austin ahead of the belongings, it's all coming together. We are still dealing with issues, such as the AC in the brand new apartment that doesn't work on a hot day, but it feels like progress after many weeks of limbo while showing the house, getting estimates of various sorts and just general waiting.

Very fitting that the journal is coming to an end at just this time.

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