Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Artistic Village

Here's the process for my fabric birdhouse. 
1) I started with plain white PFD fabric lawn, and painted in the general outline of the front with Golden Fluid Acrylics -- cream, bronze and black with metallic gold accents.
2) Instead of the paper collage I use for birds on my journal pages, which wouldn't be so durable, I actually painted in the chickadee.
3) Using a Rub-a-Dub laundry marker, I added the lettering and dark tree by hand. After sandwiching the front with a layer of batting, another layer of heavy Pellon interfacing for stiffness, and a black backing, I outlined the bird, cream tree branch and scrollwork in black thread, then switched to cream for the background quilting.
4)  Finally, I cut a template out of paper until I had it the size and shape I wanted, then used that as a guideline for cutting the quilted panel. All edges were finished with black satin-stitching, over 16 gauge copper wire on the outside edges to maintain structure.
5)  I used fusible webbing on strips of the black background fabric to attach the sides to the front and back, then stitched over the edging by machine to make it more secure (the final seam was done by hand).
6)  The roof was made by stitching rows of real feathers like shingles over a black fabric form reinforced with heavy interfacing. It sits freely atop the house to allow for folding to transport.

7)  Inside the doorway hangs a handmade lampworked glass feather.