Monday, May 02, 2011

It Takes a Village to Raise an Artist

Remember last fall when I shared a sneak peak of my fiber birdhouse? The time for the final unveiling has come. I agreed to make a three dimensional quilted house to be part of the Artist Village Project organized by Kathy York. Kathy was inspired by the fabulous fiber houses painted and constructed by Judy Coates Perez. I'd also admired them and thought about making a house in my own style, so the challenge to do so as part of a group exhibition was too tempting to resist. I, of course, was deep into Bird Journal pages, so my house became a birdhouse version of a journal page.

The entire exhibit is shown here displayed around the village green, a large green quilt offered by Kathy York as the perfect backdrop to showcase the houses. Along with the revelation of the group display, today marks the beginning of a blog hop to see the details of construction for each of the projects (not all of the artists have blogs, however). Here is the list of participating artists with links and the day their own fiber house will be featured. Check back here for a step-by-step layout of the construction of my birdhouse on May 13.

Susan Else (website)                       May 2
Frances Holiday Alford                   May 3
Pamela Allen (website)                    May 4
Frieda Anderson                             May 5
Lisa Call                                         May 6
Jane Davila                                     May 9
Naomi Adams                                May 10
Jamie Fingal                                   May 11
Barb Forrister                                May 12
Vickie Hallmark                             May 13
Connie Hudson                              May 16
Leslie Jenison                                 May 17
Sherri McCauley                            May 18
Judy Coates Perez                         May 19
Melanie Testa                                May 20
Laura Wasilowski                          May 23
Kathy York                                   May 24