Friday, June 03, 2011

Drawing from My TravelsL Designs for Bronze Clay

I've decided that I do some of my best design work while traveling, by plane or train. Why is that? Perhaps the brain has been freed up by the journey, and the hidden artist within can bubble up. These excerpts from my travel journal were made on the train from Prague to Vienna.

Working away got me to thinking about some of the sketches I made on the last Europe trip, but haven't yet translated to reality. In particular, I'm quite in love with the drawings that involve carving, which reminds me that I haven't pursued that like I thought I would. I seem to have been in a silver rut, avoiding bronze or copper clay, even though I have a large stash I should use. I think I'm adverse to what is currently popular, so if everyone is doing bronze, I tend to stay away. But this tree is really calling to me.

I think I'll just run off to condition a pack of clay and cut out a few pieces to try some carving.