Monday, June 20, 2011

Kitchen Remodel, Cabinets Moved to the Garage

Over the weekend, we tackled the dreaded garage clean out in order to install a subset of the old kitchen cabinets out there in the bump out. Keenan pulled everything out of the space into the middle of the garage floor, then we took down the shelf along the top of the wall which was covered with boxes untouched for a decade. Finally we maneuvered the cabinets into place, screwed them to wall studs, and headed out to buy countertops. For convenience, we purchased two smaller lengths of premade formica countertop, then ripped them to size with the circular saw. First check: the saw and saw horses get to stay.

The gray organizer drawer sets that I purchased for my studio before I found the white ones have been waiting patiently for this day, when we dumped all the old scrambled drawers and toolboxes and reorganized everything. Now we actually have drawers dedicated to washers and wood screws and hose gaskets. Labels needed.

Brutally culling equipment that we've stashed in case we might someday use it, we took a small SUV completely loaded with give-aways to Goodwill: stunt bike, scooter, scroll saw, power painter, coolers, canning pot, Halloween cauldron, street hockey goal and sticks...

It's amazing how much the cabinets will hold compared to the open shelves that took up so much space. The sturdy angle iron shelves are next to vanish, in order to get the cars back inside out of the wicked sun.

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