Friday, June 10, 2011

Treetop Beads -- Better Colors

Finally, I had a bright idea regarding the colors for my treetop beads. Since the enamel on the beads from earlier in the week didn't react as badly with the silver glass, I switched to clear beads with only enamel for the base color. I'm totally in love with the pink and flesh colors. Yum!

Of course, this raises its own issues with rough enamel edges on the bead. I guess I need to learn to deal with that next. But at least I can see that necklace coming together. Now I'm dreaming about spacers to work with the treetop beads.

Now I just need to play around with all the luscious colors available. Back to making my own set of color sample beads, or I can just refer to this one online from bodaciousbeads.