Friday, June 24, 2011

Workshop with Charity Hall

I'm abandoning the remodel midway to fly to cooler territory. As if the disarray downstairs wasn't enough, we had the upstairs central heat/AC replaced today. All I can say is 5-6 workers in my house and drive makes for a busy place.

Tomorrow I'm heading out to Idyllwild Arts Center for Metals Week. I'd heard good things about this program and love to venture somewhere new, so when Lora Hart suggested I try it, I jumped at the chance. Not only is it a long workshop, five days, but it's also in cool weather! Out of the six possible options, I chose the enameling workshop with Charity Hall.

I was unfamiliar with her work previously, but the notion of painting with enamels is definitely not new to me. I figure I will probably pick up a few new tricks, as well as have five glorious days to just focus on art without the distractions of a house in flux. When I come back, I expect the granite countertops will be in place and perhaps the appliances will even be installed.