Thursday, August 04, 2011

Using Sketchbooks: Making a Vision Come True

One of the things I love most about my ever present sketchbook is that it preserves ideas for later inspiration. Sometimes bringing a vision to fruition can take a while.

I first drew the treetop beads on October 15, 2009, almost two years ago. I envisioned a necklace of various soft colors with unifying silver glass stringer. Of course, I found that I couldn't make those beads, because the process of reducing the silver glass stringer would produce metal fumes that would change the color of the base bead. I struggled for ages, trying every color I could reach. Sky blue and copper green were less susceptible to the fuming, while a few other colors transmuted to something tolerable, but most just turned sickly brown.

Finally, after probably a hundred beads, I stumbled upon a way to finally make the beads of my vision. And the necklace looks remarkably like what I drew! I didn't take a very good photo, but there is a bird on every bead (at least one). I sold many of the best treetop beads during the ISGB Gathering Bead Bazaar on Saturday,  so I need to make a few more to put the necklace together in the way I desire. Colors available: goldenrod, apricot, peach, orchid, lilac, gray, kiwi, lime, sky.

I think I'll go revisit my sketchbook for more good ideas long past due.