Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Great Annual Studio Reorganization

As I've struggled recently to get any work done in my studio, I've blamed it on the occasional artistic ennui, a time to fill the well. The recent demise of my trusted PC has led to a new tenant in the room, an elegant, alien iMac occupying less space than its clunky, techy cousin. Bringing in that big and beautiful toy prompted reassessment of the desk, covered with mountains of "stuff."

Thus began the Great Annual Studio Reorganization (I checked -- it has been a bit over a year since the last iteration). I realize now that part of my aversion to working is not quiet time to recharge, but rather an inability to work around the clutter covering every surface. Pushing things back to clear a tiny workspace is not conducive to free creativity!

So far in the last few days, I've cleared off my desktop around the computer. I've reorganized two drawers full of office gear, and I've started purging the paper files so that I can find room to stuff something new into the drawer. I've also committed to a more paperless existence, scanning myriads of documents I hate to toss, but which I could undoubtedly never locate if needed. Now they reside on my hard drive, with searchable titles. Five boxes of books, mostly homeschool related, went to the buyers at a local used book reseller. While these mundane tasks don't seem directly related to making new art, I feel freer just being able to see the top of my desk again. I've at least been able to stay on task with this particular assignment.

Anyone else having the urge to reorganize your space at this crazy time of year?