Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Energize Yourself for the New Year: List Your Accomplishments for 2011

Like everyone else, I'm feeling the push to clean, organize and reassess my life for the new year. While last year also started off with that energy, by the end I felt I was crawling along and accomplishing little. So when I began to list the highlights of last year, I suddenly felt a little more energetic.

1. Nesting Earrings, 2. Sunbird, 3. Sentinel, 4. Twining, 5. Meadowlarks 4, 6. Treetop Cuff, 7. Nesting, 8. Overflight, 9. Bluebird, 10. Blue Skies, 11. Nestling, 12. Aloft, 13. Freebird, 14. Garden Window, 15. Chicakdee, 16. Cactus Wren

120 blog posts. Even with my quietness toward the end of the year, that's more than two per week on average.

Eight publications.
    • Bead & Button Magazine interviewed me for a three-page artist profile.
    • PMC Guild Annual #5 included four images of my finest work of the year.
    • Bead Design Studios included my blog banner in a bead business marketing article.
    • The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2012 Calendar included one of my pieces for October.
    • Metal Clay Artist Magazine published one of my enamel pieces in their Gallery section.
    • Free as a Bird, my print-on-demand book from Blurb, reproduced my multi-media bird journal.
    • Lone Stars III: Texas Quilts Today included two of my quilts in their compendium.
    • I finished my last Master Muse stint with a tutorial for syringe cloisonné earrings.
    Eight exhibitions.