Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog Updates

You might have noticed that things are changing here on the blog. Links from the sidebar have been disappearing. Not to worry -- all the information, and more, is still here! It is being relocated into "static pages." These new pages, accessed by the bar of blue links under the banner at the top of the blog, take you to the information, organized in a cleaner, more accessible manner.

Photography Tutorial Link
So if you've come looking for my photography tutorial, just head to the Tutorial page to find a link to it and many more informative guides.

Metal Clay Jewelry Link
If you'd like to see an overview of my metal clay work, that's in the Metal Gallery.

The new pages provide a bridge between the blog and my website, which is still waiting its own much needed update.


  1. Any chance you could contact me so I could purchase your book? Etsy wants me to register. Blurb is more expensive. And tried to send you an e-mail from your site but it keeps trying to open a different e-mail program. I've purchased from Etsy before but don't remember having to register.
    take out spaces
    satpgs at gmail . com

  2. I emailed you, Billie.