Monday, June 25, 2012

Gallery Update

I just returned from the PMC Conference (so inspirational!), and I'm restarting my thinking about making new work and placing it in more galleries. To show off at the conference, I collected a few of the larger pieces I had placed at the Gallery Shop at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, and left a collection of other pieces in their place.

While there, I snapped this quick photo of the display (but caught a bad window reflection in the bright natural light of the gallery). Nice, yes? I felt so thrilled to have my jewelry placed in the same case with that of Ananda Khalsa and fellow Austinite, Lisa Crowder. Artists in nearby cases include Lorena Angulo, Kristina Kada, and Eric Silva.

If you're near San Antonio, please stop by the gallery to see all the treasures they carry, from ceramics to metal, fiber to glass. All sales benefit the non-profit art school.