Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stone Inspiration

I came home from the PMC Conference filled with inspiration. Going in I was hopeful that the stone vendors would be there, and they were! It was a mob scene at both Horizon Minerals Custom Lapidary and Gem Resources, and I did my best to contribute to both. Having acquired some modest stone-setting skills in my recent classes, I want to use those skills and not lose them. Buying stones that need custom bezels seemed like the perfect motivation. 

I've been sketching ideas for new work based on the stones. The sooner I use them, the sooner I get to buy more!
Vickie, top center, perusing trays of
stones at Horizon Mineral
Amongst the treasures I brought home: hemimorphite druzy,  blue chalcedony, lapis, sugilite, black and golden druzy, amazing natural surface tourmaline, moonstone, peridot, iolite, and blue spinel. 

Cabochons from Horizon Minerals
Cabochons from Gem Resources