Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Argentium & Silver Clay Clasps

Today it occurred to me that I could decorate simple forged clasps with fine silver clay components. I needed a clasp to coordinate with my latest birdhouse pendant. I've been making toggles, but I actually prefer hook & loop closures for necklaces. So I formed the hook and loop from Argentium, fusing the rings closed, then added a fine silver flower to make the clasp coordinate beautifully with the larger flower spacers and the flower at the peak of the birdhouse. Voila! A custom clasp with little work.

Birdhouse necklace
©2012 Vickie Hallmark
sterling clay, sterling chain, Argentium wire

The chain I used, however, was conventional sterling, so I got my practice in with soldering all the fine links closed to make the pendant secure.


  1. I've fused the loops on Argentium hooks before, but I never thought about fusing some PMC components on them. (And, now I know the hooks can be heat hardened in the kiln!)
    You generous blog posts are really opening up a whole bunch of new ideas for me. Thank you!

  2. Love! They look great!