Sunday, October 07, 2012

Adding Details to Necklaces

How to turn an interesting focal into a balanced necklace is a topic I'm really studying at the moment. After making the Spring Flock necklace, I wanted to make a much simpler necklace using just a single treetop panel. I added half rings on the back to attach chains after firing. 

Spring Treetop Necklace
©2012 Vickie Hallmark
sterling silver
Then I pulled out the stash of chain and started auditioning. I decided that the lighter weight chains seemed to match the delicacy of the panel best, but a single strand didn't have enough visual weight. Doubling the chain up fixed that issue, but it still seemed very plain. Finally I decided to add a collection of floating flowers to the small links along the chain, just a few on either side. What do you think?

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  1. I missed this post originally. I adore the addition of the little floating flowers on the chain. You should definitely have some of these cast. Although one millimeter is 18 g and that might make for a heavy flower. Still, It would be swell if you could use this design again.