Thursday, November 08, 2012

More Artists from ACJS

Yesterday, I detailed my three favorite artists from the Atlanta Contemporary Artist Show, but there were several other artists whose work made an impression upon me. So today, my next three favorites.

Tai and Tiara Kim
Tai and Tiara Kim had a gorgeous booth with red hard walls in the background that made it really pop into my attention from across the room. Their gorgeous organic jewelry featuring a dusting of gold over black oxidized sterling was elegantly displayed with lots of room around each piece. They also had single pieces mounted in frame-like displays on those red walls. Just beautiful...every single little detail.

Barbara Minor and Chris Hentz
Barbara Minor and Chris Hentz
Barbara Minor and Chris Hentz were there with their full booth display, showing the gorgeous enamels that we've all see in publications. It was so fun to see the sunflower earrings and brooch above together, because the images fool the eye into thinking they are similar in scale, but of course they are not. The brooch is large, probably 4 to 5 inches tall. Just as remarkable in person as expected.

Tom Herman
Tom Herman, of Seven Fingers Jewelers, had a deluxe display for his formidable gold and stone jewelry. One of the things I really love about his brooches is how he inverts the roles of stone and metal. A large stone provides the body of the brooch, and then delicate gold accents it with botanical form.

I'm still trying to understand this show in terms of its very limited size and attendance. I assume that the organizers are trying to jumpstart another big show, one dedicated to jewelry, but I can't help but wonder how this plays out in the growing years. This is the sixth year, so it will be interesting to watch to see if the show gains momentum in the future.