Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Equinox Gallery - San Antonio

On the day following the opening of the Bracelet Show at Kathleen Sommers, I took the opportunity to visit Equinox Gallery. This contemporary jewelry gallery is located in a tiny shop in La Villita, a village of historic homes along the Riverwalk, now converted to art shops.

The highest lure was the opportunity to see the exhibition of Marlene True's sculptural jewelry made from recycled tin cans and black steel. It was delightful to inspect the intricacies of the work and to see that the neckpiece shown here is indeed a locket made from a tiny tin that opens.

Several sculptural pieces by Sarah Roberts were still displayed in the gallery, including this bust in powder coated metal.

Caitie Sellers

Along with a selection of smaller wearable pieces, Caitie Sellers showed a couple of larger sculptures with detachable jewelry (the balcony here is a pendant). I love jewelry with integral displays like this! The black wire and sterling silver sculptures throw gorgeous shadows on the wall. Check out the video on her website to see the three dimensional pieces from all angles.