Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Robert Ebendorf Opening at Equinox Gallery

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending both a show opening and a workshop with the legendary artist Bob Ebendorf.

Bob Ebendorf
Keep It in the Can Brooch with White Costume Bundle
Mixed Media
4" x 3" x 1/2"
On Friday evening, I journeyed to San Antonio with Lori Magno (visiting from Boston to attend her scholarship class at Jewelry Studies International) and Ronda Coryell (JA Master Bench Jeweler and co-founder of JSI) to see the opening of Bob's solo show, "Keep It in the Can" at Equinox Gallery. Alejandro Sifuentes opened this gallery in La Villita on the Riverwalk, then brought in Laura Wood to assist. Together they have quickly promoted Equinox to an outstanding gallery showcasing art jewelry in a wide range of materials.

Bob exhibited a body of work based on the metal cans that he collects on his daily walks, visualizing the round rims of the cans as bezels to hold other found objects in a jewel-like setting. There was also a collection of found object earrings, including a roadkill bird claw that I added to my collection of bird inspiration.
Kathryn Osgood
Finally, there was a  tribute board of pins made specifically to honor Bob by 75 artists whose careers he has touched over the years. It included works by many of my favorite artists, including my current obsession Kathryn Osgood.

I enjoyed meeting Bob and many other artists whose names and work I knew well, but whom I hadn't met in person. ff