Monday, July 08, 2013

Beginnings of My Flock

It's interesting to sit and make bird after bird by hand from metal clay. Detailed observations are required. What poses look natural? How do I fit enough detail into a tiny half inch bird with just my fingers and a few simple tools? Which details are crucial; which can be omitted? Simplify, simplify, I repeat to myself.

The first few birds often feel awkward (the four on the left above were the first made on two separate days). There are always a few birds that I like more than the others - they have better form or expression or detail. Now I have the beginnings of my flock, and I must decide whether to actually move all forward to the metal stage, or set aside the less than successful to reconstitute. I have a nagging feeling of a mother choosing amongst her children, but I guess that's the beauty of molding - I can keep only the best.