Monday, December 09, 2013

Australian Moons Bracelet

Australian Moons bracelet
©2013 Vickie Hallmark
Argentium sterling silver, fine silver,
18k yellow gold, diamonds
Completely handmade from Argentium sheet and wire, fine silver clay, commercial gold bezels and Mother Nature's diamonds.

Carrying on from the first part of the construction, I cut out the fused panels and finished the edges and backs. Then I soldered the gold bezels into position and a little surprise on the back (I like to add a hidden treasure for only the owner to see).

Next, I fabricated the chain links and toggle clasp from Argentium wire. All the large links are fused, but the small jump rings were soldered closed for security. After patina and some polishing, I set the diamonds into their bezels before final touch ups.

Voila! It seems so easy to run through the steps in writing, but in the real world this is hours and hours of painstaking work. That's what's required to get the level of detail that I like and that my customers appreciate.

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