Wednesday, February 05, 2014

My First Forays into Mass Marketing

Many readers have inquired about the results from my participation in the BMAC show last month. The answer is simple: it's too soon to tell.

I was warned repeatedly that breaking into the wholesale end of selling jewelry is a matter of persistence. Many repetitions of retailers seeing my work will be needed to generate a sense of familiarity and recognition that will lead to success. To increase my exposure, I have sent three separate rounds of postcards to an ever-expanding mailing list (generated laboriously by me, searching the internet for potential matches).

I have placed my very first print advertisement into the ACC Baltimore show preview edition of American Craft Magazine.

I have printed that same image on the ad onto a notecard that I used to send handwritten thank you notes to buyers that I visited with at BMAC. I'm debating more advertising and more direct contacts to galleries, along with my upcoming trip to the American Craft Council Show (wholesale only) in Baltimore in a few weeks. So far, this is all a very expensive proposition, in terms of both money and time. And only time will tell what works and what does not.