Tuesday, August 28, 2007


More crossover -- I've been painting fabric to work on another cactus quilt and found myself last night making cactus beads.

Here's the fabric in progress: starting to paint, same area after the salt has been in place for an hour or so, and the entire (almost 2 yd) piece after it dried but before washing out.
What, you've never seen pink, blue and purple cactus? Here you go (yes, they are real!):


  1. I love the rich colors you're using- I can't wait to see how the piece turns out. What a great photo to work from too! I wouldn't have believed that cactus actually comes in those colors if you hadn't said so.

  2. This particular cactus, a Santa Rita prickly pear, is planted next to a friend's swimming pool. After I saw photos of purple cactus on the web during a google image search, I thought they were done with special lighting. Then I saw the real thing in a public space here in Austin and was flabbergasted. They are beautiful!

  3. details details

    what kind of fabric and what kind of paints?

    it looks gorgeous!

  4. Judy,
    It's like the Fauna panel -- Pellon interfacing with Seta Silk and DynaFlow paints.

  5. The cactus bead and the fabric are wonderful.

  6. Your blog is varied and shows your creativity! I have a cousin who does slumped glass: madaboutglass.com.
    I work mostly in artquilts. I often paint my fabrics, rather than buy. Yesterday I had fun using up paint on quilt batting scraps. You can see it on my blog.