Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In the Bath (Electrochemical, That Is)

Last week I kept dreaming at night about some new beads. I finally got some time on the torch over the holiday weekend and also got some beads into the copper electroforming bath. Other than the fact that I'm distracted by our new homeschooling year and getting into a rhythm, I don't know why I keep making dumb mistakes that end up roughening the surface more than I like. For example, I put a bead in that looked great but I thought needed just a little more thickness of the copper and forgot to connect the cathode electrical cable. Leaving it in the acid soup seems to have roughened the surface for when I did finally get the process going properly. Foo! I guess I'll just chalk it up to experience for a future publication.

By the way, I'm slowly chugging away on the website construction. Both fiber and glass have some work to view! Keep checking because it changes frequently.