Monday, January 21, 2008

Heart Blog Carnival

Silver-Lining Heart
Winged Hugs and Kisses
Spiral Heart
Love Birds
Yahoo! Fay Katherine featured my heart beads in the latest issue of Blog Carnival of Art Beads and Jewelry. What, you may ask (as did I), is a blog carnival? It's essentially a blog magazine, with articles linking to blog entries about a particular topic. This one, started by Lori Greenburg, features art beads and jewelry with a different theme each month, and, of course, this month the theme is hearts.

As usual, I can't say that I'm particularly timely in my production. These heart beads were all made late last summer before my trip to the ISGB Gathering. All are made with the painted enamel tile technique, where a flat glass tile is painted first with a black outline and then with color and fired in the kiln each time before being wrapped around a lampworked base bead and shaped. The beauty of this technique, which I learned from Bronwen Heilman, is that anything that I can draw or paint can go on a bead. One day I drew this series of heart beads because they were simple designs that I could do in just a minute without thinking. They offered small canvases for experimenting with Hanovia 22K gold accents, dichroic swirls in the background and silver leaf lining.

The Silver-Lining Heart is one of the handful of beads that I've made into finished jewelry. I made a small silver-lined glass slider bead bail to attach the bead pendant and strung it on a string of violet freshwater pearls with a hand-forged sterling clasp.

I really liked that bail and have meant to make more, especially since that necklace sold at the Bead Bazaar. Also, I should try that silver lining again -- it gave a really nice metallic background to my hand-painted heart. I guess I've learned that I should be planning six months ahead and that I should check back through photos of what sold to remember what I wanted to try again!