Thursday, January 24, 2008

You Make My Day!

"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them and pretty soon you have a dozen."

- John Steinbeck

Isn't it amazing how interconnected the blogging community is?? Since I've been blogging (not even a year now), I'm continuously amazed by the serendipitous connections that lead to my Bloglines list being rather embarrassingly long. Some days I have quite a backlog of blogs to check up on. It's especially exhilarating to find your name in print, and finding it attached to the word "award" is just the best.

Recently, Emmie gave me the "You Make My Day!" award. My pleasant duty is to pass on the honor by selecting ten (what, only ten?) other blogs that I can always count on to amuse, inform, inspire, or otherwise addict me.

I hereby bestow my own "You Make My Day" Awards to:
  1. Judy at Painted Threads -- who always has some lovely new art endeavor underway to make my fingers itchy
  2. Joanie at adventures of a mixed media & textile artist -- whose artistic creativity under adverse conditions is a true inspiration
  3. Andrea Guarino-Slemmons -- who gets me out to the glass and metal clay studio regularly trying to learn "how did she do that!?"
  4. Catherine at HappyDayArt! -- a source of great connections for me lately, and an incredible metal clay artist
  5. dj pettitt -- whose sheer productivity, not to mention creativity, is always a kick in the pants to get into the studio and work
  6. Nina at Ornamental -- who inspires a huge following and has made me think more about jewelry, photography, poetry and the simple beauty around us everywhere
  7. Loriola at the accidental jeweler -- whose way of combining media I admire
  8. Jen, aka Glassgirl -- whose work I love, who makes me laugh out loud, & who is a GREAT teacher
  9. Ruth at let the beauty we love be what we do -- one of those universe connections, who crosses almost as a many media as I do, beautifully, and collects quotes, as do I (ah, reminder, I'm supposed to start adding them here!)
  10. Melody at Fibermania -- for a shot of color energy, be it fiber, food, or yarn
Well, there are many more, but I had to limit myself, and I had the handicap of spreading my awards across fiber, glass and mixed media, but then I do tend to spread my interests...

Thanks, Emmie!