Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beyond Latticcino

Over the weekend, I took a two day workshop with Al Janelle, a local Austin glass icon, who is returning to working glass after an eight year hiatus. Al is famous for his latticino and other fancy glass canes. His work is spectacularly intricate and perfect.

I am amazed by my first attempts to do some of these complex canes. I've done plenty of simple twisties and a few more complex latticcino, but nothing like what we worked up to in class. Here's my sample haul from the workshop:We started with simple ribbon twists, added floating threads, and finally made this incredible triple ribbon. I did mine with double threads of goldstone floating over each white ribbon edge. It's not quite perfectly spaced, but it's by far the fanciest cane I've ever made.

And then there was the fact that it was just plain exhilarating to hang out with a bunch of fun glass people!