Monday, September 29, 2008

Bronze Clay Experiments, Take 2

Just out of the kiln this morning. The new kiln worked great! I ramped at 300 and then held at 1500 for two hours and the surfaces are much better. No blistering, great detail. The bronze picked up every bit of the tear-away texture detail.

There are a couple of tiny tears/cracks. One is on the edge of the shield; the other is on the flange around one hole on the lentil.

Not a lot of color, but some, from this second pass through this batch of carbon. I'm going to try running them through the tumbler and torch coloring. So these are the before pics.

The shield bead is a box construction about 2 1/4" long. I was too hesitant to try an open box again after the distortion I got before, although now that it's done I have and idea for getting the two piece to work. I'll have to give it a try.