Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Halloween Colors

I went clothes shopping on Sunday, something I rarely do. Sometimes special occasions require new clothes and I can't get out of it. I have no difficulty shopping for art supplies, tools or even power equipment, but clothes just don't excite me. I prefer my fabric in nice flat pieces that I can cut! I used to sew my own clothing, but not for many years, since the internet made finding duds that will fit my 5'11" frame easier than going in person.

Imagine my surprise to find that orange is in fashion! I've always loved orange. I had an orange spread on my bed when I was starting high school. I use it, and yellow, in quilts all the time because it adds so much zing.

I've made a lot of orange beads recently, including this pineapple and pumpkin colored bird vessel, which I've decided deserves the name Halloween Wren:

BTW, I bought a paisley borderprint skirt and solid shell in orange for the special event. Now I'm online at Zappo's looking at orange shoes. Maybe I should go to the mall more often!