Monday, December 08, 2008


As the year wanes, it's hard not to reflect back on the accomplishments and the shortcomings of my output for the year. There are so many things on my "want to do" list. I'm trying hard though to be more analytical and introspective about the entire process so that I can focus more next year. If you're a fan of Christine Kane's blog, you'll know that she suggests choosing a word for the year. I didn't manage to do it this year, but for next year I'm choosing focus

One of the things I enjoyed most this year was blogging. That's a funny statement for such an introvert. Especially for one that hasn't posted in a couple of weeks. I find that having the blog keeps me working. I keep casting around for something to post, and since I'm a Doer, I usually post about what I'm doing. My delay in posting recently has much to do with the lack of doing, especially the doing of photography.  But tonight I have been trying to get a few photos, but somehow my normal setup is not working as well as usual (I had moved it of course!).

Here's the piece I wore out and about yesterday: one of my Jacobean cones with a bird perched on top. These are two separate pieces that were laying on my table and got scooted next
 together. I decided I liked the combo and mounted them on a simple "change a bead" pendant. I've been working on more to put into my Etsy shop. They're coming!


  1. Hello Vickie,
    Thank you so much for the Christine Kane link. I have read of the choosing a word before, but now I actually have. Focus was my first thought too, but as I read on I eventually chose Change. I'm slightly worried it might be to broad (and un-focused), but I will try to focus anyway, while changing ... well, just about everything :)
    Good luck with Focusing, I know how hard it can be.
    Hugs, Lene
    PS: Bird on cone looks wonderful. The pendant part fits is perfectly.

  2. My word was "precious".