Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scientist Redux

As a scientist, I know the lab book is sacrosanct. Customary practice is to record every detail, date and sign. Any corrections must be marked through and initialed, never erased or, God forbid, torn out!! Do I keep a log book for art? NO!

And now I'm reconsidering that omission. Back in the summer, I made a lovely scrolled cone with silver glass stringer and a pastel base. During reducing the silver fumed the base and changed the color to a lovely green -- a green that you can't buy in glass. I remember thinking that the color shift was really strange. In fact I thought it started out lavender. It was a gorgeous bead, but unfortunately it cracked. No problem, I thought; I'll just remake it after I return from the Gathering. 

Ha! I have yet to make a bead like it. The closest I've come is this lovely blue bead, called Winter Sky Scroll. This was made some time ago, and now I don't even know which colors I used for this attempt to reproduce the first mystery combination. I could tear my hair out!

Tonight I have a couple of more systematic attempts at rediscovery in the kiln (that's all I had time for today). I'd say neither is it, although they may be nice of themselves. I am recording my experiments. The scientist resurfaces.