Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bronze Clay Bell Version 2

Hurray! A major advance. I still have a few cracks opening up in some seams, as you can see, but the bell is overall a success.  The patina is just beautiful! 

Here you can see the vent holes on the inside, as well as the half ring for mounting the clapper. And here is the clapper itself, just awaiting arrival of bronze wire.

I loaded a set of bird tiles for a bracelet into the same load. I told myself that these flat tiles would be foolproof, so that if the bell failed again I'd have some minor success to offset. Silly me, these were the source of failures this time. Too thin! I will remake them, thicker. Just as well, as I'd decided that two of the new photopolymer plates needed more detail, and I have yet to make the clasp.