Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Marketing Beads and Jewelry, pt. 2

Many thanks to Lora Hart, who posted some great advice for improvements to my brochure that I've been working on. Today I spent more time trying to implement some of those suggestions and other ideas I came up with in my sleep.

The latest version is indeed a double-sided tri-fold.

Any more helpful comments?


  1. This is such a great re working Vickie! I'm so glad (and flattered) to know that my thoughts resonated with you.

    At the risk of being obnoxious, I prefer the sound of first person text instead of third person. Everyone knows that you're a one person studio (I think), and it's perfectly all right for an artist to toot their own horn. An artist statement should read like a statement from the artist, not a representative twice removed. Goes without saying (I hope) that this is just my opinion and you should "speak" in any person that feels right to you.

    And I think the first sentence on the second page is a little awkward. How about:

    Often considered miniature works of art, Vickie Hallmark Beads go through a series of laboriously detailed steps on their way through the production process.

    I re write things over and over until I think I have them perfect. Sorry if I'm obsessing on your behalf. I really love this brochure though and would love it if you'd send me one when it's printed. I may have to copy cat you and design one of my own someday.

    I'd also like to blog about it when you've finalized it. If I may be so bold. ;-)

  2. Oh, good, someone agrees with my instinct. I had the statement in first person and then thought I'd try it this way. I don't like it much either. Back to the original!

    You have no idea how many times I rewrite things -- I'll give you a race for the title of queen of perfection obsession. Ha!

    Copycat away. That's what blogs are about -- sharing.

    And I will be extremely honored if you blog about it!

    Thanks again!!!! I REALLY appreciate the help.