Saturday, April 04, 2009

Marketing Beads and Jewelry, pt. 1

In preparation for shipping some beads and jewelry off to Pismo Glass, I've been working on a brochure to describe the complex process of producing my painted and electroformed beads.

So far, it's single-sided. I have an artist's statement that should go on there somewhere as well. I have too much for one page and not enough for two.

What else do I add? I visualized these as tri-folds, but maybe I should cut them down to 2/3 size and just have the double-fold.


  1. Well, I think the first paragraph should be centered underneath the title (Birth of a Bead?) and should read "Vickie Hallmark Beads are often considered miniature works of art which are created by a laboriously detailed three step process. Each bead takes approximately (4) hours to complete from the initial design to the finished; ready to string jewel,"

    Then I think you need headers.

    "Dreaming the Design" followed by the painting paragraphs; "Forming the Bead" and the next explanation; "Adding the Finishing Touch" followed by the Electroforming explanation. You also talk about Carving the copper' design, but don't go into that detail. You should - It fascinates me.

    I'd also love to see some step pictures next to the text. Leave the strip of photos and your logo to the other side of the page and just center the artist's statement there. Or you could also include a brief history of glass, talk about Venice, if anyone else does what you do...

    This is really great looking as is, but I think you could add a few details to make it fabulous. It's a great marketing tool for sure!

  2. Thanks, Lora! That's incredibly helpful. You are absolutely correct about the headers, which I hadn't thought of, and the process images, which I had.

    This morning I woke up thinking I should add a care section.

    So, I'll put artist statement and care on one side, and the expanded process on the other side.

    Next draft in progress.