Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Texture Plates for Metal Clay

After using Barbara Becker Simon's hand-carved texture plates, I just had to give it a personal try. I rolled out a sheet of polymer clay on the thickest setting with my pasta machine, sandwiched it between two sheets of glass, and baked as directed in my dedicated toaster oven.

Then I pulled out the U-shaped micro-carving tool from Dockyard and started playing. The first plate got mostly doodles, but the second plate got a bird-on-a-branch scene. The polymer clay carves like butter.

Since I had bronze out and handy, I pressed it into the plate to see how well the detail came out. I need to carve a bit deeper in some areas, but mostly I'm thrilled with this first attempt. I'm thinking it will probably turn into the lid for a box or a plate for the front of a book. And I'm thinking I need the different size tools as well!


  1. Man are you inspiring me! this is lovely!!! Me want. Time to start on you Master's Registry projects. You can make them even if you don't have the do re me to sign up right now.

  2. I keep looking at the Master's Registry projects... You're right, I should work on some of them!

  3. If this is a box top, you've already got one finished!