Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BirdHaus Exhibition

My locket Soar is part of an online exhibition of avian themed art titled "BirdHaus."

Curated by Emily Watson and 2Roses, the collaborative team of Corliss Rose and John Lemieux Rose, to explore the many ways that artists use birds imagery in their work, the digital show includes ~35 works, from humorous to introspective, jewelry to wall art to lighting fixtures.

Work by the curators:

2Roses' Good Bird, Bad Bird is just too fun! Made of sterling silver, carved bone, glass and amethyst. Who wouldn't love a ring like this?

Emily Watson's Littlest Bird brooch, of wood, Argentium and sterling silver, and amethyst is sweet.

Two other pieces I really enjoyed:

Brandon Holschuh's Moss Ring with Watering Can -- awesome electroforming!!! I have an attraction to artists who do sculture as jewelry, with displays for work when not on the body. I was unfamiliar with this work, but am now a fan.

Miel-Margarita Paredes' Fledgling Toy, of pewter, copper and brass. I have a collection of toys of this nature in my Books of Attraction, and I occasionally think I should give some attention to making work with moving pieces.

BirdHaus is hosted on CraftHaus, an online social network similar to Facebook, except dedicated to contemporary art, design and fine craft.