Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Photopolymer Plates

I've been experimenting again with photopolymer plates, doing a demo for my local metal clay group to show how I turn my hand-drawn black-and-white images into texture tools. To see the process, check back to my previous post with details.

One of the things I was experimenting with this time was line width. How fine can the detail be? The images I tried this time have my typical solid silhouettes, with a new background texture I've been sketching a lot lately. Here are excerpts of the latest drawings, showing the details.

So far, the PPP making has had mixed success. I varied the exposure, since it seemed I missed the fine detail the first few times. Then I changed brushes for the washout, thinking that my super soft scrub brush just didn't have fine enough bristles. A soft toothbrush, stippled up and down, worked better for cleaning out the fine lines. Unfortunately, by the time I had that all figured out, I'd lost the central veining in the leaves. Not to worry, the Texas sun is ready for further work.