Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden Inspirations

I can hardly believe that I'm enjoying weeding my garden on our 41st day of 100°+ heat this summer. I set my timer for fifteen minutes, grab two plastic grocery bags, and go to it.

As any Texas gardener knows, nutgrass and bindweed are the most pernicious weeds ever. I've got nice loose soil now, so I'm trying to ease out the extensive underground networks that make these weeds so vicious, before things get totally out of hand. I'm trying out 28% vinegar in that hot sun to see if that can dissuade the rascals. If that doesn't work, this devout organic gardener may have to fall back on chemistry.

In between wiping the drips off my face, I stop to admire the new cedar bench installed in the mock dry creek bed.

I notice the red tinged new pads on the Santa Rita prickly pear.

And I stop dead in my tracks over the buds on the Pride of Barbados!