Thursday, July 30, 2009

Studio Immersion, Day 1

My boys (DH and son) have gone on their annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh. For the uninitiated this is the biggest air show in the world, with attendance over 700,000 people and 12,000 planes. The busiest airport in the world during the show, it's called the Super Bowl for air controllers, where the best are honored by being chosen to work. It's so busy, the controllers talk to pilots, but pilots don't talk back, they just wag their wings to acknowledge instructions and put signs in their windows indicating where they want to go. Small planes land two at a time on the runways. All the new equipment premiers here; every gadget for planes can be investigated first hand. It's pilot heaven.

This year, my boys were unable to camp with their plane, as the Mooney didn't come out of its annual inspection in time due to a required propellor overhaul. So they flew commercially and get to sleep in nice soft beds at a hotel twenty miles away. I've never wanted to rough it with the masses, sleeping next to the runway, but they always enjoy it.

Truthfully, I relish the time alone in my studio. This is immersion time for me. Four solid days of MY time: no external requirements on me of any type. I eat and sleep at whim, and I wander from one project to the next.

Twenty-four hours in, I've torched glass beads, painted a new set of glass tiles, formed and fired silver clay, started electroforming a bead with a new carved design, added new pages to my website, revised class proposals, and started reading some of my stash of art related books. I have lots more plans: an inspiration outing to local galleries that I haven't visited in ages, painting a new cigar box, carving another bronze clay cuff, constructing a Summer bronze bell (least worry, summer will go on for months yet!), making a few new photopolymer plates, and finishing my fused silver chain. I also want to make time to experiment with some new ideas that seem to always get pushed back: etching, patina recipes, copper clay, and engraving faux bone, for example. I want to sketch, work in my Book of Attractions, and plan new work.

Of course, I get carried away with all the ideas. It's not possible! But I can try. Right after I go buy some food for the next few days.