Friday, July 31, 2009

Studio Immersion, Day 2

Since I've started keeping a log book for my artistic activities every day, I find I get more done. I hate to look at the day's accomplishments and find a blank sheet, so I'll work very hard to do at least a little something that I can write down. Since the self accountability works so well, I've also been noting my exercise for the day and what I had for dinner in a bottom corner. I'm walking more miles and eating out less.

Usually, I note each individual step of an artistic process. If I do a part, then walk away for something else and come back later, that's worth a line. On the second day of my studio immersion, my page is overflowing.


1) added color to the painted tiles from day before and refired
2) made more tile boxes for bracelet, made oval links, and worked on finishing
3) fought with mandrels to release beads and cleaned holes on beads
4) painted three large beads with conductive paint, carved and electroformed them
5) peeled the copper coat off one bead with a pair of pliers after a too delicate bridge of the carved design popped and sent a wing of copper flying off the surface (does undoing count?) Of course it was my favorite, so I'm starting it again.
6) buffed and patinaed the first finished carved copper floral
7) worked on proposal for this carved electroforming class

Today, I have to send the proposals and class samples off to Bead & Button. The critic in my head is saying none will be accepted so I shouldn't bother. I'm trying to plug my fingers in my mental ears and just proceed. I find it really difficult to plan for something almost a year out. My short attention span is appalled by having to teach year old projects. Where will I be by then? Definitely further down the path.