Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to Birds

After stalling out on the stilt rivet brooch, I realized that it was my attempt to change series that was bothering me. Much smarter, methinks, to do my Master's Registry projects in the series that I have well developed already. So, back to birds sitting on branches.

The requirements for the brooch are for a metal clay piece in front of a back piece made of metal, wood or plastic. Notice there's no glass option! However, I've decided to do a garden window piece, with the back piece carved from faux bone instead. That will be fun, and something I've been meaning to get back to for ages.

Evidently the new design solved my reticence, since I drew it out last night and started the construction today. One dumb mistake is causing me a few frustrations, but it's getting close to popping into the kiln.