Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wondering what I'm doing, since I'm not posting here?

Chemistry, of course! Organizing bins of equipment destined for lab next week -- beakers and burettes and boiling flasks, oh my! (Wicked influence from last night!) This morning Joren and I sat down with my spreadsheet printout to distribute the $1000 order into individual bins for eight students and one instructor (me). Aprons, goggles and gloves -- check! Racks full of test tubes -- check! Alcohol burners and ring stands -- check!

Beyond that, I've been reading the textbook, taking notes for lecture purposes, working all the problem sets, etc. I want to be much further ahead than I currently am! So chemistry is getting priority this week, before class starts in earnest next week.

Seriously, I have been working a tiny bit on art. I've re-sketched and colored the stilt brooch design several times. Here's my favorite. Ironic that I wrote the name "Adrift" under it in my sketchbook. As I say, my work is always autobiographical.