Monday, August 03, 2009

Garden Window Bracelet

I'm really enjoying the garden windows, real and silver. I have a pair of binoculars at my computer, to zoom in on the birds that are coming to my feeders. They especially love the fountain in our exceptional drought.

The garden window lockets with painted glass inserts were so fun that I decided to try a version of my bronze link bracelet with tiny windows. I showed the enamel drawings a couple of weeks ago.

The glass tiles got ground down a bit to make them more rectangular than square, and I also decided that the windows were not required to be rectangular. I chose to echo the ovals between the squeezed square links instead.

For the toggle, I made my first solder connection to metal clay. I've soldered before in a jewelry making class, but not on metal clay and not in my home studio. So now I'm past that hangup and have no more excuses. Soldered bezels, earring posts, all of it I've done in the past. I don't know why I haven't utilized all the equipment and supplies sitting there ready to go, but now my head is zooming with possibilities.

I still had a bit of an issue with not being careful enough with polishing and abrading a touch of the enamel. I guess this is my trial bracelet. I expect that surface enamel may be too fragile for a bracelet, but this is the way to find out, right? And we'll see how strong the Argentium sterling wire connections are as well.