Thursday, August 06, 2009

Squeezing in Art

Alas, the end of summer is in sight. It's now time to finalize all the preparations for our ninth year of homeschooling. Unfortunately, high school requires much more preparation than elementary or middle school. My son will be a sophomore, so the necessary classes involve things like precalculus and introductory chemistry. These tasks are well within my abilities, since my doctorate in physical chemistry ensured that I spent many years doing math and science. Still, lab equipment must be ordered, books must be familiarized, and schedules must be set, for the sake of my son and a handful of willing friends.

All these preparations detract from my ability to work in the studio. So today I breathed a sigh of relief to sit at the hairdresser, with my hair a rat's next of highlight foils, and work with my sketchbook and watercolor pencils. Maybe tomorrow I can break out the metal clay and glass and squeeze in a little art.


  1. Wow Vickie! I wish you could have been my chemistry teacher. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more!

  2. Very nice Vickie!!
    The first piece, the pin, is AMAZING!!!

  3. Vickie, I can;t tell you how inspirational your sketches are. Really. I just sit down with raw clay and some textures and wonder what to do with my little elements afterwards. I love that you're seeing the finished piece before you ever start.

    I need to train my brain. Is drawing a natural thing for you or did you have to *think* to do it?

  4. Thanks, all!

    Lora, when I was a child drawing and painting were my favorite things. (The only competition was reading.)

    Somehow I moved away from sketching much for a long time. Since I've really tried to get back to it recently, I love it again.

    Maybe I'll blog about sketching...