Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Bird Tree Beads

Over the weekend I squeezed in a few more bird tree beads. I'm experimenting with different base colors and finding that many of the colors I'd most like to use react with the silver glass. They all turn out looking "golden" like the two on the right, although they might have been rose or lavender to begin with. I tried etching another one back, only to find that the silver glass looks a surprising dark blue purple if etched down very far (not far enough to remove the brown, of course).

CIM Celadon, however, stayed true to color. I love this color, but hate how shocky the glass is. This time, as I turned on the kiln, I thought to pop a rod in and was able to use it rather than just having the end repeatedly shatter.

I'm prepping for a metal clay with glass class on Saturday and my son's sixteenth birthday tomorrow, so more glass beads will have to wait until after Halloween. Time to get serious and just do color tests first.