Thursday, October 29, 2009

Original Textures for Metal Clay

Today I've been working on new textures for my students to use (if they like) on Saturday. Why do I leave these things until the last minute? I started ages ago and got waylaid on my mission to make tear-aways and photopolymer plates out of copyright free clip art and my original drawings.

Three easy ways to make unusual textures for use with metal clay:

  1. Photopolymer plates -- use either copyright-free or limited-reproduction images from sources such as Dover, or make your own quick drawings. Follow my previous directions. I made mine with 2 minute exposures in the weak afternoon sun, and they came out great.
  2. Tear-away papers-- low relief polymer clay transfered onto paper, or the remaining polymer for both negative and positive. Follow Celie Fago's directions in Jewelry Artist Magazine online.
  3. Polymer clay texture plates -- roll a sheet of polymer clay and bake, then use linoleum or wood carvers to carve original designs

No excuses for using the same old textures, now! While I was at it, I dug up the textures I drew for bronze bells -- spring and summer. Here it is fall. I guess I better get going, if I'm going to have a year's worth of bells before the year is out.