Monday, November 02, 2009

More Textures for Metal Clay

Yesterday my local metal clay group had a meeting to play with texture making. Although I had recently purchased conventional Speedball linoleum cutters and printing blocks, I'd yet to give them a go. With a bin of small blocks at my side, I doodled away, slowly getting the feel of the tools.

While more useful for deeper textures, it was quite possible to do very low relief. I'm excited about the prospects of multiple heights to the impressions in metal clay. That's one of the things that's both useful and frustrating about the other methods of making texture plates that I've shown: it's harder to do multiple levels. Carving blocks allow more options with easy access.

These blocks are all approximately business card size.

We also used two-part silicone mold mix to take textures from found objects: lots of shells, coral, buttons, picture frame molding, etc. What a perfect thing to do while sitting in the sunshine on a lovely fall day.