Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bird Bead Obsession

My bird bead obsession continues, although today I did make a few lampwork beads with just leaves, no birds.

I seem to have issues with making any two alike though. Even when I think I have a matched pair, they turn out to have been made with different stringer, brown and black for example. I guess you can easily infer that my workbench is a mess! Cleanup might be in order.

My experiments with striking colors gave beautiful backgrounds, if a bit dark. I guess I prefer the high contrast of a light background.

My absolute favorite so far is this pillow shaped bead, plain on the back for electroforming. I can't wait to get the carving going. The hole goes through vertically, so it will make an incredible pendant. I even broke down and made some plain ivory spacer beads to go with it!


  1. Wow Vickie, that pillow bead is amazing! I wish I lived near you I would be round there all the time trying to find out how to do things :)

  2. Lynne, I wish you lived near, too! There are some things on your blog that I'd be bugging you about -- we could trade ideas!

  3. I wish I could be there too ☺, I would love to learn a lot about metal and chemistry ☺.

    Happy New Year dear Vickie, wish you a lot of beauty in your life ... black is a good color ♥

  4. Let's make it a creative party! Y'all come!